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The New International Language! A scalable rules system from light to mind-boggling, and rules in a whopping 15 different languages let you play it with anyone, anywhere!
The Most Pretentious Card Game Ever Made! Will you be the first to achieve 20 Goth Points and declare yourself "Gother Than Thou", or will you fall into sickness and debt, wallowing in your own misery?
Than Thou
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The Petulant Brat is Lost in the Hedgemaze. Your Well-to-Do Aunt has Fallen Down the Well. A Mysterious Illness has claimed your Clever Niece, and your Loving Grandfather has fallen victim to a Loose Chandelier. Sounds like everything's going just splendidly as you race against your opponents to build the largest mausoleum!
It's fast, it's furious, but most important of all, it's a game about squishing rats with anvils! There's no better job than that, especially when you take the time to breed them in big piles and squish them all at once!
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The greatest BRAWL deck ever made (if we do say so ourselves), and best of all it's free! Print him out, cut him out, and lay waste to the competition with two umbrellas and a Wild Hit!