How to play Froop!

Shuffle the deck. Deal each player 7 cards, place the next card in the deck face-up in the middle of the table to start the Froop, and set the rest of the cards aside, face-down, to form the draw pile. The dealer always goes first.

On your turn, play one card from your hand onto the Froop. The Froop is the collection of cards that have been played onto the table. The card you play must overlap at least two symbols on the Froop, and the symbols on your card must match up exactly with the symbols they cover. You can rotate the card you play 180°, but you can not play cards sideways (in Fig. 1, cards can be played in the green outlines, but not the red ones). As the Froop grows, the number of places cards can be played increases (see Fig. 2). If you are unable to play a card onto the Froop, you must draw a card, and your turn ends. If the card you play matches 3 or 4 symbols on the Froop (see Fig. 3), you may immediately play another card (but you don.t have to), and if that matches 3 or 4 symbols on the Froop you may play another card and so on. After your turn, the next player takes his/her turn, and so on around the table. The first player to run out of cards wins.

Advanced Rules:

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