Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do the "Beloved Husband" and "Adoring Wife" cards work, exactly?

A. If you only have one or the other in your Morgue, they are worth $2m. However, if you have both in your Morgue, you may bury them both to buy a Grave worth up to $8m. (Since the highest valued Grave is $7m, this simply means that you can buy any of the available Graves)
This text will be clarified on future releases of Mausoleum.
Q. And how do the "Black Sheep" work?

A. "Black Sheep" can not have their values combined with any other cards (except other "Black Sheep") when being used to buy Graves. If you have a "Black Sheep" in your Morgue, you may only use him/her to buy a Grave worth $3m. If you have two "Black Sheep" in your Morgue, then you may combine them to buy a Grave worth up to $6m. "Black Sheep" do not affect your ability to bury other heirs in your Morgue, so (for instance) if you have a "Black Sheep" and a "Loving Grandfather" in your Morgue, there's nothing stopping you from buying a Grave with the "Loving Grandfather" (which would leave the "Black Sheep" still sitting in your Morgue).
Q. Can "Bumbling Gardeners" be buried, even though they aren't worth anything?

A. Yup. However, when you "Buy and Bury" you must actually end up with a Grave, so to bury your "Bumbling Gardeners" you must combine them with enough other heirs to buy one of the available Graves.
Q. What happens when an heir with a "Doozy" goes "On Holiday"?

A. First the "On Holiday" is discarded, then the "Doozy", then the heir.
Q. If I have other heirs at my party who aren't "Clever Nieces" or "Clever Nephews", is my "Clever Niece" safe from a "Botched Kidnapping"?

Q. Do "Meddling Cousins" prevent me from "Botched Kidnapping" other players' heirs?

A. "Clevers" and "Meddlings" not only affect who you can off at your own party, but who you can off at other players' parties as well. Therefore, if someone else has a "Clever" at their party, you can't off him/her unless you have nothing but "Clevers" in your party (or noone at all). In future printings, the wording on the Clever Niece/Nephew will be changed to something like "You can not off this heir if you have anyone at your party who is not a Clever Niece or Clever Nephew".
Likewise, "Meddling Cousins" affect your ability to off other players' heirs in exactly the same way that they affect your ability to off your own heirs. This applies not only to "Botched Kidnappings", but to any Accidents you choose to play on another player's heir.
Q. Do "Meddling Cousins" affect the ability to play the "Thermonuclear Mishap"?

A. Nope. That would be part of why there's a "regardless of Doozies or special instructions" clause on the "Thermonuclear Mishap". Think of it as if the "Meddling Cousin" was the one who caused the mishap; they're offed first, and everyone else is offed immediately afterward.
Q. When the "Thermonuclear Mishap" is played, who decides which cards go into the Morgue if there would be an overflow?

A. The person who plays the "Thermonuclear Mishap" decides in what order the heirs are offed.
Q. It's very possible for someone to have two "Bumbling Gardeners" and two "Petulant Brats" in their Morgue. If so, they cannot win without a "Misplaced" card! If another player hoards those cards, the person with a full Morgue cannot win until a "Misplaced" re-enters the game. Is this considered a problem?

A. This is a theoretical possibility, and one that should be avoided at all costs. :)X If it does happen, then yes, the player can only remedy his situation with a "Misplaced", and can spend all other turns inflicting horrible vengeance on the player(s) who got him into this mess.

Q. Why the heck is there a carrot, a thimble, and a bowling ball in the artwork for "Mildly Suspicious Suicide"??

A. That's what makes it mildly suspicious.
Q. Are you aware that you misspelled "Niece"?

A. Yep. That'll be fixed in future releases too, along with all the missing apostrophes.

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