Kasanova was the first licensed BRAWL deck that never was. We had originally planned to print him in the extra space left over on the printer's sheet from printing Froop!, but as it turned out the manual labor involved in sorting the Kasanova cards on the sheet out from the Froop! cards and getting them into boxes would have cost us more than the price of the game. So, the extra space in Froop! ended up being filled with translations of the rules into 15 different languages, and Kasanova, sadly, was cast aside... until now.

Now, BRAWL: Kasanova is finally available in all his super-stylin' splendor absolutely free as a PDF download here. This BRAWL deck is sanctioned by Cheapass Games, and is thus absolutely legal to use in any BRAWL tournament you might wake up to find yourself in, dressed as a milkmaid. Enjoy.
Here's how to make him go:
  1. Download the PDF file (We're assuming you have Acrobat Reader). It's a 14 meg file, so it might take a while over a slower connection.
  2. Print out the PDF file in color onto cardstock, or print it out and copy it onto cardstock. If you absolutely must, you can print it out in black & white, but the shame that doing so brings is more than most mortals can bear. You need to end up with TWO copies of each of the first two pages, and you can copy the card-backs from the third page onto the back of each page if you're feeling extra snazzy.
  3. Cut out the cards with safety scissors, a papercutter, or, ideally, the power of your mind. We apologize for the lack of dotted lines, but we feel confident that you're up to the challenge of blindly guessing where you're supposed to cut. Throw away one of the four Freeze cards (or hang it in your locker so you can giggle like a filthy schoolgirl every time you see it), leaving you with three Freeze cards. If you printed these cards out on cardstock like you were supposed to, then you're all ready to play. Otherwise, you'll probably need to put them in card sleeves.
That wasn't hard at all, was it? You might want to get something to stop the bleeding now.
Here are the rules for the two special cards in this deck that don't appear in the basic set:

Wild Hit: A Wild Hit can be played on a Hit of any color, and any color of Hit or Block can be played on a Wild Hit. You cannot play a Wild Hit on a Base or a Press.

Reverse: Play on a Base. Whoever has fewer Hits on his own side of a Reversed Base will win the Base. The object is now to have more Hits on the opposite side. Ties still go to the owner of the Base.
The complete rules to BRAWL can be found at www.beatpeopleup.com

More information about BRAWL can be found at www.cheapass.com

Savant Garde Entertainment's homepage can be found at www.savant-garde.com

Kasanova was designed by R. Hunter Gough & James Earnest with artwork by Bradley Bleeker.
In case you're wondering, Kasanova first appeared in Coffee Drop, a home-brew Gameboy Color game that won third place in the first Bung Enterprises Gameboy Coding Competition. Yes, I said Bung. If you're aching for the great-tasting combination of addictive gameplay and sub-mediocre programming, you can download it right here, also for free. You will, of course, need some kind of Gameboy Color emulator to run it, but that shouldn't be too hard to find. No I won't help you. All kinds of free stuff today... it's just like Christmas only momma's not cryin'!

Kasanova will appear in future Savant Garde games, so keep your eyes open and your umbrellas at the ready!