You Are Cordially Invited... Mausoleum, a simply smashing little party game in which your unlucky heirs meet with horrible accidents as you race to build the largest mausoleum.
Petulant Brats, Meddling Cousins, Well-to-Do Aunts and Long-Lost Uncles are among the many guests at your party who can meet with Croquet Accidents, Auto Trouble, getting Lost in the Hedge Maze, or a number of other unfortunate mishaps as you use their inheritances to build the grandest mausoleum money can buy. Meanwhile, your opponents are struggling toward the same end, with a multitude of tricks at their disposal to muck up your carefully laid plans...

The Details...

Mausoleum is a new, original card game for three or more players in their teens and beyond by R. Hunter Gough and Savant Garde, the creators of Gother Than Thou. This is a limited first of hopefully many editions, with 54 cards per deck, printed in Black & White. Mausoleum is now for sale here, or wherever Gother Than Thou is sold.

If you already own Mausoleum, you will most definitely want to go here to get the new rules, which are considerably better-written and make the gameplay much more pleasant than the version of the rules originally included with the game.

About Your Host:

R. Hunter Gough is the creator of "Gother Than Thou: The Most Pretentious Card Game Ever Made", as well as the world famous "Official Tamagothi Homepage", its sequel, "The Official Punkemon Homepage", and the Gothic.Net Benefit Shirt.

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