Gother Than Thou

...is a new card game of backstabbing and betrayal set within the gothic community. Cloves, Absinthe, Eyeliner, Boots. Everything you need to make it big on the scene is here, but so are Dire Fashion Blunders, Infections, Debt, and the dreaded Visit From Mom. Will you be the first to acheive 20 Goth Points and declare yourself Gother Than Thou? Or will you fall into sickness and debt, wallowing in your own misery?

A full online version of the rules can be found here. An example game is coming soon. Check the News section regularly for details.


Gother Than Thou has been available for sale since March 1st of 2000. Get your copy now!!


In addition to being available for direct purchase through this webpage, Gother Than Thou is available through a multitude of game stores across the US (and apparently some in Sweden). If it isn't being carried by your local game store, bug them about it until they do! We are hoping to also have it sold through Hot Topic within the next couple of months, so keep checking with them. The game is also being carried by a shop in Sussex called Arkham, making it considerably easier for people in the UK to get ahold of it. Check the news section for contact info.


Because it will make you incredibly cool. It will whisper to you at night and tell you how to dress, how to talk, and how to dance, and all those hotties in black lace who you've been staring at will come nibble on your ears. Hypothetically.


R. Hunter Gough

(Concept, Rules, most Photography)

is the creator of the world famous "Official Tamagothi Homepage", the recent sequel, "The Official Punkemon Homepage", and the Gothic.Net Benefit Shirt. Hunter is also the author of award-winning software for the Nintendo Gameboy.

E. Steen Comer

(Image Manipulation)

has worked for American Lasergames, doing image manipulation for their computer game McKenzie and Co., and an upcoming production from Maestro Software. Steen has also done work on album-cover art for local, Albuquerque-area bands, as well as miscellaneous advertisements and a few tattoos.

Additional photography by Celine Harris.

Hunter and Steen are also founding members of the now-disbanded Disband.
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