Well, it was a good effort. Unfortunately, we haven't received nearly enough submissions to do third edition at this time, which is just as well since it looks like sales of "Gother" are waning anyway. Thanks to all the people who submitted art for third edition, and we're sorry that your efforts have gone to waste. If you'd like, we can showcase your work on a "fan art" page, but since we won't be making any money off it we can't pay you anything for them.


Second Edition is back from the printers! See the Savant Garde Main Page for details.


Where'd my last update go? Oh well. Our host recently switched everything over to a better server, so I guess some stuff got lost in the shuffle. Just a quick note to let everyone know that not only has "Gother Than Thou" made the Games Magazine 100 for 2001, but it's also back on sale now that we've gotten some replacement boxes from our printers for first edition, and second edition is winging its way to us as I write this.


Through deep regression hypnosis therapy, bribery, threats, and lots of pleading, we've convinced Shea Anton Pensa to do some art for the third edition. Shea's done a lot of work for White Wolf, and was the artist on "Sandman: Cerements", my favorite book from the entire series. Check out his current work, "Afterlife in Gothland" here:

You'll be glad you did.

And in other news, we are currently printing a second edition of "Gother Than Thou" to be released with "Mausoleum" at some point next month. The second edition will be exactly the same as the first edition, just printed on better cardstock, with a smaller rulebook. (And, of course, "Second Edition" printed on the bottom of the box instead of "First Edition".)


We are now accepting art submissions for the third edition of "Gother Than Thou", due out next March. Become a world-famous artist and make some money while you're at it! Check out the Submissions page for details.


"Gother Than Thou" has sold out... kinda... Read the Buy section for details!

In other news, we've been picked up by two more distributors: Alliance, the great and powerful high muck-a-muck of the distribution system who have been confused for the past couple of months on how to get ahold of our game, but have finally ordered some now, and Centurion Hobbies, a smaller, scrappier distribution company, fightin' its way to the top and not afraid to take a chance on the coolest game ever made (that would be "Gother Than Thou" for those of you who haven't been paying attention).

Sorry there haven't been any updates here for the last four months, but the clever among you have probably figured out that most of our updates and other bits of newsishness are appearing on the Savant Garde Main Page instead.


Gameboard Distribution has picked up "Gother Than Thou", meaning that it will now reach an even larger number of stores, and Alliance Distribution will probably be picking us up next month, thus canvassing the globe with "Gother Than Thou" and setting into motion the first machinations of my plot for world domination.... [steeples fingers] mwa ha ha ha....

In the meantime, if you hadn't noticed it yet, you can check out the super-secret (but unfortunately not very informative) sneak-preview of our next game, Mausoleum.


I've added the rules to the webpage. Of course, a set of rules also comes with every deck, but I figured I'd put them up here too so people can get a better idea of how the game works.


Good news for britons! "Gother Than Thou" is now being carried by a shop in Sussex called Arkham, making it considerably easier and cheaper for you to get your fix! Here's the necessary info:

The U.K's leading Gallery/Emporium of "Dark-Art" and Esoteria.
tel: 44 (0)1273-628440
89 Trafalgar Street
Brighton, Sussex BN1 4ER


Our server will be down for maintanence this Wednesday, the 29th. It should be back up either later in the day or early Thursday. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Now... questions...
I've added a little to the FAQ, but still don't have much. Start asking more questions, dammit! Meanwhile, Gother Than Thou has been popping up in stores across the US (and some of Europe) and alledgedly sold out completely in Seattle in its first few days on the shelves. (This is a good thing!) Hopefully this will encourage even more retailers to carry it, bringing it even closer to a store near you if it isn't there already. Alas, Hastings has decided to pass on carrying it this month, but if you nag them enough they might decide to start carrying it in April.


We got game.
Gother Than Thou is now available for order here! Go get some now so you can be the first on your block to own the most pretentious card game ever made and rub it in everyone else's face! It's also being distributed by Wargames West and Berkeley Topline, which means it should be showing up in a game store / Hastings / Hot Topic somewhere near you within the next couple of weeks. Of course, if you buy it here now you'll have it much sooner...

The mailing list is still up, and will still be used intermittantly for updates about the game and news about other games from Savant Garde (that's us).


Sooooooooon.... so very soooooooooooon....!!
The game should be out next week! Again, the only people who know about the super-secret hidden pre-order site are on the mailing list, so sign up now!! For all the rest of you hipsters who are too good for mailing lists, the game will go on sale here on March 1st, and will have nation-wide distribution in various game and hobby stores throughout the next month, and should even be stocked in your local Hot Topic or Hastings if all goes according to my dastardly plans!


Mwa ha ha!! The power!! The power!!!!
ahem.... everything has finally been shipped off to the printers. I should have the proofs in 2 weeks, and once those are approved it'll take 2-3 more weeks for the game to print and ship to me. So right now I'm expecting a March 1st full-release date, and pre-order releases a week before that. Again, sign up for the mailing list to receive notification when pre-orders become available. (And notification of where to get them!)


I'm not dead! Sorry for the lag in updating, but it's been a hectic month, and at the moment there are two respected printing companies mud-wrestling for the priveledge of printing what may well be the greatest card game of the coming millenium, while I loom over them and look stern. If all goes well and the planets fall into proper alignment the game should be available for pre-order before the end of the month, and should be in full release by the beginning of February.


Alas, the boat has been missed for a Christmas release, but the game will be available soon after. I will be announcing pre-orders to the mailing list only, and probably won't update this until I have the finished product in my hands, so if you are interested in pre-ordering (there will be a significant discount for pre-orders) be sure to follow the link below and sign up!

(Wow, what a horrible run-on sentence... mom would be so ashamed...)


Well, I've finally gotten around to throwing some sort of homepage together for Gother Than Thou, even though at the moment I'm one of the only people who knows it exists.
Hopefully, if all goes extremely well, the game will be out by Christmas.
More later.

In the meantime, check out the Info section.
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