Sketchy a "metro(id)vania" that I created in about six months during 2006. It was an attempt to make a commercial game entirely in Flash, but I gave up on it when I realized I had no idea how to market it (this was several years before the rush of hip indie flash games on Steam and Desura and other such platforms).

Originally, the game ended just after the sixth boss, with an impassable room where the player was told he'd reached the end of the demo. By the time I stopped work on it, however, there were 5 more complete bosses, several more powers, and almost 50 more rooms beyond the end of the demo that no-one ever got to play. In 2013 (6 and a half years after I abandoned it), I revisited Sketchy, got rid of the "demo" limitation, and opened up the rest of the game. Please note that, past the "dark area", there are many unfinished rooms; you can still progress through them, they just aren't filled with enemies like they should be. The game also ends somewhat abruptly; the point where it ends was going to be the beginning of a "boss rush" leading up to the final boss, but the first boss of the rush is only half-finished, and I've completely forgotten what the other bosses were going to be, or what the final boss's behavior was going to be (I have notes that say "to do: samurai boss, head-throwing boss, serpent boss, hot-pants item", but I have no recollection of what those things mean).

Give it a whirl and let me know what you think.

Demo: (v0.31)
For PC
For Mac

Move with the arrow keys
A = Jump
S = Punch
P = Pause
If you'd prefer to use a joystick, I recommend JoyToKey.
Let me know what you think of it!
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