If you treat your Mopeygothi just right, and keep him constantly teetering on the brink of suicide, he will become a "Romantygothi"! Romantygothis are characterized by their constant feelings of hopelessness and malaise, and will often burst into four-hour-long crying jags. Romantygothis love to read Milton and Joyce, and like to listen to "Dead Can Dance", "SWANS", "Switchblade Symphony", and the later works of "Joy Division".

If you nurture your Romantygothis dark soul, and play it lots of "Bauhaus", you might end up with the secret, hidden "Murphygothi"!


The Murphygothi is the true and utter epitome of the Tamagothi aesthetic, and if you have the sadistic patience to nurture your Tamagothi along to this point then you will truly be the envy of all of your friends! Murphygothis enjoy lots of brooding, and you must set aside several hours of each day to stroke his ego. If you're really lucky, your Murphygothi might sing to you!

...but what's this?? Two new breeds!?