Wedgie Ninja

Wedgie Ninja is a game that I created in 2006 for the second Experimental Gameplay Competition. The competition was sponsored by Red Octane, and the theme was to make a game in a week that used a dancepad as the only control, but was not a dancing game! I'd been kicking around the idea of a "non-lethal action game" at the time, so I made this, and it won second place, and got me a big pile of Red Octane swag, including Guitar Hero 1 & 2 with two guitars, a nice new dance pad, a shooting game "reload pedal", and a taiko drum controller.

For the full experience, you should play this with a USB dance pad. You'll need to download joy2key and feed it the Wedgie Ninja config file (right-click and save) (this was made in the dark days before Flash directly supported joysticks). If you don't have a USB dance pad, you can still play it using your keyboard; the keys Q, E, Z, and C are mapped to the four corners (I'll let you guess which letter is which corner), and the S key is mapped to holding down all four corners at once.

Have fun visiting painful retribution upon the naughty!!