Just in time for Yule!!

(Or Christmas, or Channukah, or the Mid-Winter Feast of the Damned)

"Gother Than Thou" T-Shirts!



Impress your friends! Infuriate your enemies! Stop getting arrested for wandering around town topless!

Declaring yourself "Gother Than Thou" just got easier. Available in a full range of sizes from Small to XL, these 50/50% blend shirts will match perfectly with all the other dark vestments, raiments, garments and accoutrements lurking in your wardrobe. For another weary day of classes, an evening at the club, or another sleepless night of listening to VNV Nation, curled up in anguish in the corner of your room and sobbing to Hecate that "it's so damn cold and it's just not true!", this is the shirt to carry you through until dawn, when the dreaded sunlight curls around the edges of the tinfoil on your windows, wrenching you again from dream-soaked torpor into another miserable day.