Seasons (Greetings)

Every once in a while I get the urge to make something artsy. This is a short collection of "poetic vignettes" I created over a couple of weeks, partially inspired (in concept more than in execution) by Ian Bogost's "A Slow Year", and Brendon Chung's short-form games like "Gravity Bone" and "Thirty Flights of Loving". (It was also less-directly inspired by "Gone Home" and "Dear Esther", both of which I'd played shortly before starting on this.)

I used it to experiment with technical and game design elements like "unmoving plaid", a few different flavors of third-person camera, and various physics things, and cinematic techniques like match cuts and creative geography.

I keep thinking I'm not one of those "pretentious artsy indie devs", and then I say stuff like "poetic vignettes" and "creative geography", and then people point out to me that my first name is a letter.

A couple months after I finished this, the Holiday Game Jam was announced. They specified that they were being pretty "fast and loose" with the jam-ness (usually a game only counts as being "for a jam" if it's made entirely between the time the jam is announced and when it ends), so I figured that since I'd made this game in a couple of weeks that was close enough. I put a santa hat on the character, changed the name from "Seasons" to "Seasons Greetings", and ta-da! Game jam entry!

I had misgivings for a long time afterward about making it a "holiday game", so in 2019 I updated it to make the hat only appear if it's December, and made a version that will run in VR.

Seasons (Greetings) for Windows
Seasons Greetings for Mac
Seasons Greetings for Linux

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