In the Pit an "audio-only" stealth action game for the Xbox 360. I originally created a three-level "proof of concept" version in nine days for a game jam in 2006, and then in 2008 I approached Novint Technologies about making a full-length version for their Falcon haptic controller. After that version was finished, I ported it to XNA just in time for it to be a launch title for "Xbox Community Games" (later rebranded to "Xbox Indie Games"), where it spent two weeks as the most popular game on the service.

For Xbox 360
"The game spins a surprising amount of gameplay variation from its basic principles, but fundamentally, it's a simple concept, executed with aplomb... it's an unusually atmospheric, immersive experience, without a single pixel's worth of graphics." -- MTV Multiplayer

"In the Pit may be simplistic, but it's an intriguing, creative game that showcases the designer's talent and makes me anticipate his future efforts." -- Honest Gamers

"Scarily atmospheric, 'In The Pit' offers an audio only game with simple gameplay mechanics and controls to a mainstream market. More please!" -- Special Effect's acceessible Game Base

"I personally loved the game. It made me laugh out loud at least twice and I really enjoyed the novelty." -- Negative Gamer

"In the Pit isnít the best indie game Iíve played... but it is perhaps the most innovative. And to me at least, thatís just as valuable. ...I recommend it to anyone who will listen." -- The Indie Ocean