Dungeon Escape

Dungeon Escape is a tribute to Dragon's Lair, Space Ace, Super Don-Quixote, and other laserdisc arcade games that I have fond childhood memories of. I started it in early 2003 as the game that I used to teach myself Flash, and periodically revisited it over the next 7 years, between other projects, until I'd finally reached my goal of 31 rooms (chosen because Dragon's Lair has 30 rooms).

As far as I know, it is still the only "laserdisc-style" Flash game in existence. If you know of any others, please tell me! I'd love to play them!

Now that Flash is no longer a thing (RIP Flash), I've made executables for Windows and Mac that can be downloaded here:

5-25-13Turned off Mochiads and reformatted this page.
7-29-10 Fixed a bug that was making the game reset to the beginning if the player failed at any point on the last level. The game's supposed to be tough, but not THAT tough!
7-29-10 A flattering review of the complete game from JayIsGames! Thanks, guys!
7-24-10 I took the game offline for a bit while I looked for a sponsor. After three weeks, I still had no sponsor, but the placeholder "coming soon" animation I'd put up here had gotten over 10,000 hits (!!), so I decided that I was doing it wrong, and instead of trying to find a sponsor I should just leave it up here, where everyone is used to finding it, and add some Mochi ads. I hope the ads aren't too obnoxious; I actually think they make the loading screen prettier than it used to be. Anyway! Hooray! Here is the final version of Dungeon Escape! Completely done after seven years of working on it off and on! ENJOY! :) Huge thanks to JayIsGames for hosting the game for me for three years after it got so popular that it crashed my host's server!
7-1-10 Wow. Seven years in the making, I've finally finished the last room of Dungeon Escape!!! (Flood)
6-30-10 One more room done! Only one left to go! (Library)
6-21-10 I finished the Final Boss room and the ending tonight, and about a week ago I finished the Snake room. However, I'm not going to post an updated version yet, because at this point I'm going to keep going until I completely finish the game and then try to sell it, so you won't see any more updates until it's sold. Thanks to everyone who's played Dungeon Escape over the years for your support, and I hope to finally give you a finished game very very soon! Only two more rooms to go!! (Final Boss, Snake)
9-11-07 Holy crap! It's been over a year since the last update, and I didn't even add any rooms then! Fortunately, this update MORE than makes up for it, because it includes four and a half new rooms, a cinematic intro, and a whole bunch of other minor tweaks! I actually made the Zipline and Yellow Ninjas rooms several months ago, but didn't want to do an update with just two rooms, so I waited to add them with this update. Also, I wasn't happy with the Mallet room, so I changed it to the Sleeping Skeleton, although it's only half changed... you'll see when you play it. Last but not least, the game progresses to the next room even if you fail, forcing you to replay failed rooms at the end a'la Dragon's Lair, which is something I've been wanting to implement for a long time. Only four more rooms left! Maybe I'll be extra ambitious and get the whole game finished by the end of the year, or maybe I'll get distracted as usual and take another four years to finish it! (Zipline, Yellow Ninjas, Bedroom, Red Ninja, Sleeping Skeleton)
7-18-06 Oh no! Too much love!! Somehow, even though it's not even finished yet, Dungeon Escape has become obscenely popular, and my host went squish last night when apparently ALL of Korea tried to access it at once. I'm overjoyed that people like it so much, and I've now moved it to JayIsGames's server to take the strain off of my host. Thanks to Jay for helping out, and to my host for not killing me! :)X To everyone else, I promise more rooms soon!
1-22-06 Woohoo! Another year, another room! At this rate, I'll be done right after I'm dead. This last room has been a real sticking point, though; every time I thought "I'll take a break and work on Dungeon Escape..." for the past year I've opened it up, taken a look at this room, considered how much work it would take to finish it, and promptly closed it again. Now that I've finally buckled down and finished it it will no longer be staring me in the face, so maybe I'll be able to get more done now. (Rolling Room)
1-2-05 Added two new rooms, and also made it shuffle rooms 1-9 and 11-19 every time you play. One of the new rooms is kind of goofy, so I'm not sure if it'll stay in the game. (Crusher, Mallet)
12-28-04 Holy crap! Has it really been over a year? Oh well. I get distracted easily, and apparently it's been about 14 months since the last time I was interested in laserdisc games. Two more rooms, for anyone who checks this page these days, and/or for posterity once I finally finish this. :)X I think that makes 20 rooms total. I have a lot more rooms that will be much quicker to make than these last two were, so hopefully I won't get too distracted again and they'll be up shortly. (Magnet Mage, Face)
10-2-03 Two more rooms! Also moved the Chess room to a later point in the game, since people were complaining about its difficulty. I'm worried that the new Collapsing Floor room is too much like the Vestibule room; let me know if you think so too, and I'll add some more to it. If you don't know which rooms I'm talking about then I guess they're not too similar after all. :)X (Crumbling Floor, Mummy)
9-21-03 Only one more room, but it's one of the best. Also cleaned up a few details that were bothering me about other rooms, and added a feature that lets you start playing once the first set of rooms is loaded, instead of having to wait for everything to load. (Shield)
9-16-03 After an incredibly long series of distractions, including but not limited to Wind Waker, Metroid Prime, DDR, The Chronicles of Amber, and a few colds, I've finally gotten back to working on Dungeon Escape! Four more rooms have been added, including the dreaded "Dragon" room, which is incredibly difficult, but no more difficult than it's supposed to be. As you'll notice if and when you reach that room, you get something there that you'll be able to use in all of the remaining rooms. Also, in case you care, the dragon room will mark the 2/3rds point of the game (the wand room is at 1/3rd). Good luck! (Dragon, Grates, Topiary, Rising Muck)
4-8-03 Added 2 more rooms, and a fake loading screen (that just loops until the game is loaded), after spending an hour trying to make a working loading screen when I badly need to go to bed. 2 rooms in one night, and that was after going to a birthday party right after work! Scary. Current room count is 11. 1/3 finished!! (Crushing Walls, Pendulums)

Later: Finally created a decent loading screen, after lots and lots of hair-pulling. Sorry it loads the whole thing before playing, that'll be fixed in future versions.
4-7-03 Added 3 more rooms. Over 1/4 finished! Any more rooms and I'll need to break down and throw together a loading screen! (Vestibule, Blue Ninja, Chess)
4-2-03 Added another 3 rooms, for a grand total of 6. Yay! 1/5th of the way to my goal of 30 rooms! (The same number as Dragon's Lair.) (Falling Rocks, Mine Cart, Giant Armor)
3-15-03 Put up first version, with only 3 rooms.(Cell, Giant Skeletons, Wand)
3-8-03 Project started
Special thanks to The Dragon's Lair Project, an awesome repository of all things laser-disc-gamey (except roms and full-game mpgs, of course), and A1 Free Sound Effects, the site where almost every sound in the game came from.
Dungeon Escape is ©2010 by R. Hunter Gough