Crosstown is a 4-player, faux-retro action game originally for the Xbox 360, inspired primarily by a Commodore 64 game called Crossroards.

Like Crossroads, it features an "ecology" of different types of enemies with their own food chain and primitive relationships. Unlike Crossroads, it features procedurally-generated arenas, a GLaDOS-like narrator named "Piggy", and a Borges-esque "recursive" presentation where the player is effectively controlling someone playing a game.

It was originally released on the Xbox Live Indie Games service on the Xbox 360. That service has since been retired, and it is now available as a free download for Windows from (link below).

It also passed the Steam Greenlight process for being released on Steam, but I feel that it's not up to the level of quality of games that I like to see on Steam, so I have not released it there.


"Fun action games made by smart people: that was the driving spirit behind the 1980 arcades' early successes, and that's the driving spirit behind Crosstown. I highly recommend any fan of the old fixed-screen classics download Studio Hunty's gem as soon as possible." -- HonestGamers

"Crosstown combines the fugly, monocolored graphics of early home computers, the 'chess pieces gone mad' gameplay of early arcade hits like Robotron: 2084, and the sheer mindf*ckery of Portal for an experience that's well worth the dollar you'll pay, along with any hair you'll tear out while trying to finish it." -- Gameroom Blitz

"one of the better, and certainly one of the most reasonably priced, titles on the Xbox Live Indie Games service" -- 1up

"Crosstown is a bit like a very frantic firework display ... this faux-8-bit maze adventure is well worth a try." -- Negative Gamer

"incredibly addicting [and] hilarious... wrapped inside a coating of nostalgia" -- GayGamer

"crosstown is noisy, bright, chaotic, and costs one dollar... crosstown is worth discovering. i like when games give more thought to the purpose of death than “the player has to try again.” i especially like a shooting game, which are becoming more and more impossible-to-play hard, that every player is guaranteed to see the end of." -- Anna Anthropy

"I wholeheartedly endorse Crosstown. It looks old school but at its heart is an awesome action game... It’s one of those titles where a simple design can lead to complex game play." -- Indie Gamer Chick