The collected creative projects of R. Hunter Gough

Digital Games

Star Wars Jedi Challenges
(iOS / Android, 2017)
Programmer & Designer on an AR game with a groundbreaking headset.

Disney Playmation
(iOS / Android, 2015)
Lead Engineer on the companion app for a smart toy.

Max Steel
(iOS / Android, 2013)
Lead Designer & Lead Programmer on a hybrid running / combat mobile game.

Paper Galaxy
(iOS / Android, 2012)
Programmer and co-designer on an adorable, one-tap mobile game!

Along Together
(multi-platform VR, 2017)
Character control programmer on a 3rd-person VR adventure game

Dr. Jo!
(Pico-8, 2020)
A Pico-8 homage to Mr. Do!

In The Pit
(Xbox Live Indie Games, 2008)
An audio-only stealth action game that spent two weeks as the #1 most popular game on XBLIG!

(Xbox Live Indie Games, 2009)
A retro-style top-down shooter that subverts the relationship between player, character, and game!

Dungeon Escape!
(Flash, 2010)
An homage to Dragon's Lair and other classic laserdisc games

Seasons (Greetings)
(Windows / Mac, 2013)
A series of short vignettes about childhood.

Far From the Tree
(Windows / Mac, 2012)
An apple escapes from a fortress, using its previous lives as cover

At Land
(Knytt Stories, 2010)
A short "art game" inspired by the Maya Deren film of the same name

(Android, 2011)
An addictive abstract puzzle game launched via Kickstarter!

Wedgie Ninja
(Flash, 2006)
A stealth action game designed to be played with a dance pad

(Flash, 2006)
The first "metroidvania" created in Flash

Season Stacker Demo
(Gameboy Advance, 2006)
A versus puzzle game with scalable enemy AI

Pretty Pretty Bang Bang
(Flash, 2006)
A "suicide shooter" inspired by Every Extend

Coffee Drop
(Gameboy Color, 1998)
A tile-sliding puzzle game for Gameboy Color

Viral Billiards
(Flash, 2005)
A simple proof-of-concept game about abstracting the concept of contagion

The Graveyard
A large collection of unfinished video game projects

Card Games

Gother Than Thou
A goth subculture parody card game. #1 best-selling traditional card game world-wide, March 2001

An Edward-Gorey-inspired card game about rich relatives dying in suspicious ways

An abstract strategy card game for 2-10 players, with rules in 15 different languages

Rat Splatter
A speed card game about breeding rats and squashing them with anvils

BRAWL: Kasanova
A free, licensed deck for James Earnest's fighting card game BRAWL


A web-based tool for creating one-way flowcharts

An automated video game recommendation service

Inverted Castle
A video game news and opinion blog

A goth subculture parody of the Tamagotchi virtual pet


Lisa Star and the Solstice Academy
A young adult novel

A feature-length screenplay

A free, very simple, tabletop roleplaying game engine

Graphic Design

Mars: God of War Backglass
Reproduction and fabrication of a pinball machine backglass Benefit T-Shirt
Red Cross fundraising t-shirt created in response to the Columbine school shooting, and the media's mis-representation of goth culture
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