If you leave your Perkygothi in the dark for too long, and don't expose it to enough good music, then it will become a "Teenygothi". Teenygothis are also often known as "Preppygothis", "Quantumgothis", or "Wannabegothis". Teenygothis are characterized by their general lack of any higher brain function, and outfits that appeared in last week's "Seventeen" magazine. Teenygothis will often listen to "Marilyn Manson", "Nine Inch Nails", and "Type O-Negative", and will look at you blankly when you mention "The Sisters of Mercy", "Bauhaus", or "Siouxsie and the Banshees". If you do have the misfortune to end up with a Teenygothi, you would be much better off to press the "Euthanize" button located on the back of the unit and start again.