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Interweb Medley

a giant horrible squishing-together of the interweb's 12 catchiest songs!

BananaphoneRaffiMade famous by the Gundam Bananaphone flash animation, and the Half Life 2 Bananaphone movie!
Ievan PolkkaLoituma (actually a Finnish folk song from the 1930s)Made famous by Leek Spin! This section of the song is a nonsensical "scat" unique to Loituma's version of the song.
Yatta!Green LeavesGreen Leaves is actually made up of a bunch of Japanese comedians. The lyrics translate to things like "you lost your job, your wife left you, your kids hate you, but you found a nickel! Yatta!"
Ducks Live on the MoonKeatonKeaton999
Dragostea din TeiO-ZoneMade kinda famous by the Japanese "Mayahi" flash animation, and super-famous by the "Numa Numa Dance" video. Sadly, Gary Brolsma, the boy who made the song super-popular, now regrets and shuns the fame it has brought him. It's OK, Gary! The interweb loves you!
The Hampster Dance (sic)Hampton the HamsterOriginally adapted from "Whistle Stop" by Roger Miller, and used on Hampsterdance.com
We Like the MoonThe Spongmonkeys (Joel and Alex Veitch)
Invasion of the Gabber Robots (All Your Base Are Belong To Us)The Laziest Men on MarsAdapted from the opening dialogue from "Zero Wing", one of the most amazing examples of Engrish ever.
Kitty Cat DanceSteve Ibsen
BadgersJonti Picking
Peanut Butter Jelly TimeThe Buckwheat BoysMade popular by the Dancing Banana flash animation by Ryan Gancenia Etrata and Kevin Flynn.
Tunak Tunak TunDahler Mehndi"Tunak Tunak Tun" is a nonsensical phrase meant to mimic the sound of the drum.

The Interweb Medley was written by R. Hunter Gough with music by Keary Ortiz. All rights reserved by the sampled songs' original creators.
The song can also be found in mp3 and ogg vorbis formats here.

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Since we know you're dying to sing this song yourself at your next karaoke party, we made a music-only instrumental version which you can find here! Yatta!!