The collected creative projects of R. Hunter Gough

Digital Games

Star Wars Jedi Challenges
(iOS / Android, 2017)
Programmer on an AR game with a groundbreaking headset.

Disney Playmation
(iOS / Android, 2015)
Lead Engineer on the companion app for a smart toy.

Max Steel
(iOS / Android, 2013)
Lead Designer & Lead Programmer on a hybrid running / combat mobile game.

Paper Galaxy
(iOS / Android, 2012)
Programmer and co-designer on an adorable, one-tap mobile game!

In The Pit
(Xbox Live Indie Games, 2008)
An audio-only stealth action game that spent two weeks as the #1 most popular game on XBLIG!

(Xbox Live Indie Games, 2009)
A retro-style top-down shooter that subverts the relationship between player, character, and game!

Dungeon Escape!
(Flash, 2010)
An homage to Dragon's Lair and other classic laserdisc games

Seasons (Greetings)
(Windows / Mac, 2013)
A series of short vignettes about childhood.

Far From the Tree
(Windows / Mac, 2012)
An apple escapes from a fortress, using its previous lives as cover

At Land
(Knytt Stories, 2010)
A short "art game" inspired by the Maya Deren film of the same name

(Android, 2011)
An addictive abstract puzzle game launched via Kickstarter!

Spectrum of Violence
(Flash, 2011)
An unfinished one-on-one fighting game

Wedgie Ninja
(Flash, 2006)
A stealth action game designed to be played with a dance pad

(Flash, 2006)
The first "metroidvania" created in Flash

Season Stacker Demo
(Gameboy Advance, 2006)
A versus puzzle game with scalable enemy AI

Pretty Pretty Bang Bang
(Flash, 2006)
A "suicide shooter" inspired by Every Extend

Coffee Drop
(Gameboy Color, 1998)
A tile-sliding puzzle game for Gameboy Color

Viral Billiards
(Flash, 2005)
A simple proof-of-concept game about abstracting the concept of contagion

Space Cute
(Flash, 2007)
A simple "play by e-mail" strategy game

The Graveyard
A large collection of unfinished video game projects

Card Games

Gother Than Thou
A goth subculture parody card game. #1 best-selling traditional card game world-wide, March 2001

An Edward-Gorey-inspired card game about rich relatives dying in suspicious ways

An abstract strategy card game for 2-10 players, with rules in 15 different languages

Rat Splatter
A speed card game about breeding rats and squashing them with anvils

BRAWL: Kasanova
A free, licensed deck for James Earnest's fighting card game BRAWL


(est. 2010)
An automated video game recommendation service

Inverted Castle
(est. 2005)
A video game news and opinion blog

A goth subculture parody of the Tamagotchi virtual pet

Non-Game Flash

To Hanzo
A "kinetic novel" about fandom and love

Change Machine
A series of video-game-themed short comedy animations

Necroville Teaser
A teaser animation for the movie Necroville


Lisa Star and the Solstice Academy
A young adult novel

A feature-length screenplay

A free, very simple, tabletop roleplaying game engine

Graphic Design

Mars: God of War Backglass
Reproduction and fabrication of a pinball machine backglass Benefit T-Shirt
Red Cross fundraising t-shirt created in response to the Columbine school shooting, and the media's mis-representation of goth culture